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30th Jul 2006, 00:23
Hello. (First at all, I must say that, by the date, I've only played Soul Reaver 1 and Blood Omen 1, so maybe I'm missing something...)
I've just finished Blood Omen 1 and I was wondering about this: If, for example, the big statue of the Nemesis only appears broken AFTER you change the past, the Nemesis' stronghold is only ruined AFTER you change the past, etc...why does Kain find the Soul Reaver abandoned in the cathedral BEFORE his travel in time??? By that time, the Soul Reaver should be still in possesion of the Nemesis, not?
I can't understand anything.:confused:

30th Jul 2006, 02:47
I noticed that too. I think that Moebius arranged for Kain to find it at Avernus somehow.

dumah's wraith
30th Jul 2006, 19:40
Always wondered that.

31st Jul 2006, 02:41
If you think about this for a solid few minutes, it might only make sense for a brief second...

I think that the Reaver that Kain finds in Avernus comes from the timeline that it was broken in, even though the Nemesis timeline is current.

This is coming from the view that Reaver Paradoxes are actually a critical part of how things really happen, and the so-called original timelines were unstable and immaterial. (Just a hallucination by whoever remembers them, even if it is a shared hallucination.)

31st Jul 2006, 07:30
I am at the point now where I play the games and don't think about the paradoxes. My head hurt intensely long ago the last time I tried to figure all of this stuff out. There are so many paradoxes now that I can hardly remember them all.:mad2:

1st Aug 2006, 11:32
OK. Then better don't think of it. Probably even the developers of the game didn't think about that.
Anyhow, could it be possible that, simply, William the Just lost the sword on the cathedral or somebody stole it and put it there to be found by Kain, not?