View Full Version : How do you kill the black creature in kazakistan

Tomb Raider Princess
29th Jul 2006, 18:11
how do you kill the blank creature? im stuck and dont know wot to do

29th Jul 2006, 19:11
You're not meant to kill it. Not yet.


1st Aug 2006, 03:18
You can't kill it and you don't need to cuz that just wastes ammo try this:
Ok,see those switches around the room?well run around and pull then and then a cutscene will come showing 4 blue ball thingos,and after the cut scene run to the telsa gun in the middle of the room and if do the following:
If you see those blue ball thingos then you have to shoot at them(don't pull them in instead shoot them out by pressing the shoot out button about 4 times) to make them stay in place and if you get all the ball thingos to stay on place you will see a thing above the telsa gum,thats the fragement! get out of the telsa gun and use the graple to get the fragment(make sure you can see the fragment or Lara won't get it)when you get the fragment a cutscene will be trigered.Also if the Ugly so called 'Amanda's Pet' creature becomes anoying just shoot some energy at it.
I hope it works!