View Full Version : it doesn't like to start up for me

29th Jul 2006, 16:59
whenever I try to start the game up, it slows WAY down. I open the game, and when it gets to the screen with the credit type things (traveller's tales, Eidos, Nvidia, etc.) it becomes like a slideshow. It takes two minutes to get through that screen, and when the nvidia screen appears, it too takes a while. When i finally get to the menu, it does this too, and i imagine that the game would do this as well. I tried reinstalling it twice to no avail. Any ideas?

CPU: AMD Athlon 3700+ 64 bit
Video: ATI Radeon x850
Memory: 1 gb
Sound: Soundblaster Audigy II ZS Gamer
HD space free:
C: 2.6 gb
D: 6 gb

2nd Aug 2006, 21:36

3rd Aug 2006, 04:27
Do you have any problems with other games on your system?
Or just this one?

I'm running it on a more modest system than yours (A64 3200+
onboard video) and it runs very well.

Maybe it's conflicting with something else you have running.
Are you using XP, if so, set a restore point.
Disable all items in the startup tab on MSCONFIG.
Reboot and try the game. IS it OK now?
(this is a standard troubleshooting procedure)


4th Aug 2006, 21:12
none of my other games are experiencing this problem, and i'm running more current things such as Elder Scrolls IV, Condemned, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and FEAR without much problem.

13th Aug 2006, 03:37
I'm going to take a stab at this and I have two things in mind for you to try.

The first is free up at least 10gb on your hard drive. The reason for this is when you start a program, in the background, windows will chunk off a large bite from your HD and place it into reserve so that it has room to swap things in and out of the memory. 2.6g freespace is in the red zone for usability. You may notice your HD grinding much more when it has so little room left to move things around with. After freeing up 10gb, defrag your HD. Programs will load much faster (and run with minimal lag delays from HD access) after you do this.

The second thing is video codexs. Have you installed any codex packs or the like for viewing digital movies? These packs typically overwrite MS's default ones, which can seriously hamper some video playback in DX games. The games I'm familiar with that have problems with this are: "No One Lives Forever" and "Freelancer", but I'm sure there are others.