View Full Version : Boliva Redux - Boss

29th Jul 2006, 12:13
Any ideas ? - I have defeated this Boss on Easy before; but now (still on easy) and with the hints from the walkthrough, I struggle. The health bar for the Boss does'nt go below half way ever !.. even after 10 minutes// anyone help? thanks..gusbow:scratch: :)

29th Jul 2006, 13:19
Have you gotten the entity to fall down? If you hit it enough times, the entity will noticeably fall down. When that happens you have to run towards it as fast as you can. You'll see Amanda in the middle of it, looking kinda scared. The ! sign indicator will show over her head, and you have to press the action key to stab her. You have to get her down and stab her 4 times, I think.

29th Jul 2006, 14:07
i will try this, Boss is going down but maybe im hitting the entity and not at the exclamation point ( at Amanda) properly. grphics if slow can prevent quick hite so will step down on that...ta


29th Jul 2006, 14:55
2 things ; i was not using action:mad2: , just slicing away and the other thing on fullscreen option which slowed graphics away down ... thanks again :)