View Full Version : How I feel about tomb raider and all other games..*spoiler*

28th Jul 2006, 23:34
hey Eidos and CD made this-- I just screen captured it for YOU!

yeah thats right

IMO everything else just dosen't measure up to TOMB RAIDER


29th Jul 2006, 00:30
Wow, is that a goth outfit? Must be one I haven't unlocked yet! Pretty cool.

29th Jul 2006, 01:06
yeah - there is that one and one without the jacket - just a lacy shirt its NIICccee

29th Jul 2006, 06:14
:( I Want that Outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you get it?

29th Jul 2006, 16:10
I think i got this as a time trial reward from japan - but there are 2 versions - the other is the lacy shirt without the jacket - see below ,since there are 2 versions I got them at different times and I dont remember exactly where - sorries keep trying though :D


30th Jul 2006, 14:25
I think it's because he plays on Next Gen that it looks different. It's probably the next gen version of the "Goth" outfit (beat England Time Trial).

30th Jul 2006, 16:38
Thanks for telling me how to get it. :)

30th Jul 2006, 23:01
just to clear up the confusion there are 2 versions of the goth outfit
with next gen on lara gains some cmoplexion and looses the lip piearcing
the jacket on the goth outfit has more detail with next gen on as you would expect.

you may also notice the belt emblem is diff, so are the guns ect .. how many differences can you find? her blue tooth dosent even appear on next gen for some reason

next gen is on the left - next gen OFF is on the right



30th Jul 2006, 23:06
The one with jacket changes so much one could really have thought it was a new outfit. Do the other outfits look that different with Next Gen on? :)

30th Jul 2006, 23:10
the 2 amanda outfits change somewhat - not sure about the others - I play mainly with the goth and or the amanda skins or the TR original outfit .. I have my favorites as everyone dose - I dont like the cat suite - and the snow outfit pink is much better than the orange or blue one ..


31st Jul 2006, 19:04
Well no wonder I didn't recognize it, it looks like a completely different outfit in NextGen! Alas, my computer doesn't seem to be able to turn this on...or it's grayed out...not quite sure what that means.