View Full Version : Spellcaster ai troubles

John D.
28th Jul 2006, 23:00
After finishing up Blackbrook version 2, I had planned to revive my old abandoned mission or do some more remakes of my older stuff but I'm helping someone else with their project at the moment. I've noticed a rather particular problem with one of their ai.

The gamesys that is being used is a modified Dedx.gam which appears to have the basic problems fixed that made for unusual things like the torches lighting up , framerate errors etc. However there is a custom ai in it under the PriestX category that seems to be giving me tons of trouble. It's a spell caster that shoots spells at long range, then whips out a spell in the shape of a melee weapon when you get close. That part of it works great and makes for a great effect but when you kill the guy that's when it gets strange! The body will lay there for a while, but when I get to fighting the other guys he will get back up down to his waist in the pavement! He can be picked up and put down while he's moving as well!:eek: I've gone into his scripts and added CorpseFrobHack and Corpsed thinking that would solve the troubles but that hasnt done anything yet.:scratch: :confused:

Marshall Banana
30th Jul 2006, 02:50
Well, the easiest thing to do is make him explode or something like that when he dies...

John D.
30th Jul 2006, 15:53
Perhaps a custom corpse ai would be the way to go? I may try that if all else fails.

Marshall Banana
30th Jul 2006, 17:05
If you do that, I'm not sure the AI would perform the death motions before turning into the corpse. What you could do is make it's corpse another AI that looks like it, but will flee instead of attacking.

John D.
30th Jul 2006, 20:36
If you do that, I'm not sure the AI would perform the death motions before turning into the corpse.It will work out, I can take a look at my demo mission called Fanatics Arena. I had custom corpses that self deleted after 30 seconds. If I cant fix the spellcasters, I'll just take a similar route.:thumbsup: