View Full Version : Ape's speech

28th Jul 2006, 21:31
I have a strange mystake... I put AIs in my complete mission and they were not speak... I tried to figure it out and found in one dialog name of voice was missing. I wrote it down and everything is ok but apes... They are not speaking, any voice! Mechanists do, apes don't. I don't know, what to do... I tried to put apes in my old missions and there they speak. Looks like something harmed my .cow file...

30th Jul 2006, 15:36
Have you been using custom schemas? Maybe you used the reload_schemas command but you didn't have ape1.sch and ape2.sch in your schema folder.

Check the Sound> Voice section of the Object Hierarchy for 'vapes' and make sure it has 'vape1' and 'vape2' as child archetypes.

The 'ApeBeast' archeytpe should have the Speech > Voice property set to vapes

31st Jul 2006, 11:44
When I am in Object Hierarchy and I have opened properties of ApeBeast I have here Voice-vapes... That is what is strange. I will look closely on your advice, but I think, that it is all right.

And no, I am not using a custom schema (I can't it... hehe...)!