View Full Version : Modem Probs Can Sum1 Help Me

27th Jul 2006, 00:21
K lets c here i have a WGT624 wireless firewall router with a comcast connection. i have probs with using the router because i cant c everyone online but i dont have that prob if i cancel the router out of the picture.... unfortunatlly i moved back in with my pops and this is his connection and the phone needs to run through the router in order to stay on... and i cant b disconnectin his phone line on him so.... i did some research and i think i need to add a costom service to/or port forwarding i think its called... i get that much... but wat i dont get how to figure out wat to type in for the stating port, ending port or server ip address... where do i find wat nubers and/or letters to type in those spots or wat do i type..I would be going to ask the geek squad in best buy if i had a ride and/or the time to but i dont. So if sum1 who understands this stuff can help or answer me that would b awesome thank you