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26th Jul 2006, 14:25
hi...all....well..i read the thread "my thoughts about tr7"..and it describes exactly what i want to say..well...thanks crystal dynamics ....u made an amazing graphics..and actions and movements..but..i want to ask a question....where is tombraider game?...where r the complex levels that i spend long time trying to find the exit and the hidden keys and places..where r the items that i have to collect and try to find out how and where to use them to go through the levels...where r the places that need me to think to pass them..tr7 destroyed all of this...tr3 and tr4 were better than this...long games...a lot of levels.....and tr6 was good..but it had a lot of techincal propbelmes that reduced the pleasure of playing it....crystal dynamics...make a very hard and complex game ..plzzz..make tr8 gathers between the graphics and this stuff..and between the ideas and classic shape of tr game

26th Jul 2006, 20:41
Personally, I prefer linear games. Rather than having to go to one end of the level, then the other, then back to wherever with the key, then the other place again... I like it to just be START - FINISH, so I know where I'm going, it's always varied and new level, no getting lost and wandering around for hours. So I loved TR7.

Dunno about the lack of complicated puzzles and stuff, my first play-through was 4 hours longer than my second because of all the times I had to stop and work shizzle out.

If you ask me, it was Tomb Raider, it still had the feel.
I just wish to Jesus, Buddah, Allah, all of 'em that they'd re-introduce classic TR controls. AOD controls were a disaster. TR7 controls were a touch fiddly (like the camera position-dictated function of the direction keys... Which one's shimmy???:confused: )

Mangar The Dark
26th Jul 2006, 20:57
crystal dynamics...make a very hard and complex game ..

No, please don't. I liked being able to play through Legend without needing a walkthrough. There were times when I had to stop and think, but I could always work out a solution-- to me, that's far more rewarding than having to log on to the internet every couple of hours to look at a walkthrough. I just want more levels, because with the decreased complexity, it's too easy to get through these 7 levels in a very short time. By keeping the difficulty the same, but adding another 7 to 10 levels, they would create a truly great TR game.

28th Jul 2006, 11:23
I think without_limits_mystery is right I mean the game is very short without the complexity of older games. TRL can be finished in 6-7 hour with all the secrets and in hard. Mangar The Dark also has a point more levels could have been better if the game was intended to be linear. But not to worry without_limits_mystery , maybe TR 10th anniversary will be longer and a bit complex like older TR games.

BTW I believe that TR3 is one of the best TR games. But AOD was mostly a small collapse, not only the controls and camera angles where bad, but in video sequences movements tended to be repetitive like moving the hand in the same way about ten times in 5 seconds in almost all sequences. And short too but still the game was not completly bad.

31st Jul 2006, 21:02
i can see what you are saying, without_limits_mystery.. My personally liked the classic more 2. So much more puzzles, enymies and better bosses. Hope that TR8 will be sooooooo much better!:mad2:

3rd Aug 2006, 23:06
YES THANK YOU, please bring back the endless open levels that can be explored for hours, please bring back the complex puzzles, please bring back the weird mythologies that you find scattered in the each level and please for the love of god bring back the more then 10 hour gameplay. sorry people but the linear gameplay sucks, it doesn't define tombraider as we know it, making it linear would just make it like every other game made.