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25th Jul 2006, 19:56
What did you think of T3? Give me your feedback on anything about the game. Or you could just be lazy and vote instead :D

31st Jul 2006, 17:10
On the whole, I really enjoyed it. But, from the perspective of someone who played and loved the first two games when they came out, there was a LOT wrong with Deadly Shadows.

My negatives:

The missions were too small and too linear. Few alternate ways to get around, besides the obvious, and I can't remember there being too many traps, either...a big omission.
Didn't care much for the climbing gloves. They weren't nearly enough interesting places to use them.
Pagans were a bit too cute, and their dialogue was way off.
The zombies (and haunts) were cartoonish and not at all unnerving.
Keepers de-mystified...we get to run around in their home.
The Kurshock were dumb, and I wasn't at all interested in exploring their home and unlocking their secrets.
Clocktower mission was dull and dreary...not to mention the worst bit of loot in the game.
It was too easy to accumulate money. Didn't like the way loot reappeared in city sections.
Missed the whole feel of places like the Bonehoard, and didn't think they really captured the ominous nature of a place like the Old Quarter. (Instead we bounced from roof-to-roof like Super Mario...WTF?)
The ending cutscene looked dreadful and the whole resolution of the story felt very rushed. I didn't like the whole "one true keeper" idea. Much preferred it when he was just a normal guy.

My positives:

The designers had made ghosting a viable option for the player, throughout. I really appreciated that.
Watching/provoking gang wars -- that was loads of fun. Ditto oil-flasks.
First part of Robbing The Cradle gave me the willies (hence my name).
The huge variety of sound files for voice actors was great.
The hammerites were captured well (although again, a bit too "funny" and missing some of the darker character traits hinted at in the previous games). I liked the pirates, city criminals and guards, too.
Beautiful atmosphere in Bloodline/Widow Moira/Pagan territories.
I loved all the graphics, even without John's texture pack.

As you can see, most of my criticisms are fixed towards the storyline, and the slight drop in quality re: writing/atmosphere. A lot of the more technical aspects that some people loathed, like the ragdoll physics, I found simple workarounds for. The tweaks made a big difference in my enjoyment - smaller HUD, coloured zoom function, realistic physics, etc. I even built my own quotes file for the loading pages, and on my second run-through, played around with cheats.

So the biggest plus for me was that the game was very "modd-able", and I'm grateful that there's such a terrific fan community. :)

31st Jul 2006, 18:22
The only thing i didn't like about Deadly Shadows is the poor framerates i got with my Geforce 6200. It was alright for a bit but i became all giddy and had to quit! :( It's still on my drive, waiting for that new card. I'm upgrading tomorrow to a 6800 or a 6600GT, depending on which one they got in, so i hope to be able to play this with some decent framerates.

I wouldn't say that it's better than the others, but about as good as. I like all of them.

1st Aug 2006, 22:29
Thief DS is one of my top 3 games of all time. I think it has atmosphere and a great storyline. I loved the cut scenes. I guess my views are different from someone like Cradle_Curdled because DS was the first Thief i ever played and i never have gotten into the others even though i own Thief 2.

p.s. Johns texture pack? Did someone mod the skins? Could you tell me a little bit more please Cradel_Curdled.

2nd Aug 2006, 11:03
Johns texture pack? Did someone mod the skins? Could you tell me a little bit more please Cradel_Curdled.

Yes, this nice fellow created some high-res textures that you can check out:
John P.'s High Resolution Textures for Thief: Deadly Shadows (http://www.john-p.com/textures/Thief-DS/index.shtml)

4th Aug 2006, 02:26
DS was the first Thief i ever played and i never have gotten into the others even though i own Thief 2.

Thief 2 was the first thief I played. Then it all went downhill from there. Thief fanatic. Lol. o_0