View Full Version : Soul Reaver 2 Intro FMV

Keixu Tearraven
25th Jul 2006, 19:48
Does anyone know where i can get the Soul Reaver 2 Intro FMV?

25th Jul 2006, 23:12
On the SR2 disc, and Defiance as well if you have the PS2 version?

26th Jul 2006, 01:29
or watch it here

Keixu Tearraven
26th Jul 2006, 23:47
Dang all i have is the PS2 Versions and i am looking for a good download... YouTube won't let me view the video for some reason... dang it

27th Jul 2006, 00:57
omg is your sig big enough?!?!?! :O

if you have the ps2 versions then you have the intro.. why do you need it on mpeg too? :scratch:

27th Jul 2006, 02:50
Yeah, sorry, I was thinking PS2 and typed PC. The intro is in the Defiance bonus material if you have the PS2 version.

27th Jul 2006, 03:59
omg is your sig big enough?!?!?! :O

What's wrong with sig-chosis?!

27th Jul 2006, 12:43
As blinc has said, if you've got either the PS2 or PC versions of the games, you can extract the movie yourself.

If your computer has a DVD drive, pop in the SR2 disk and follow the guide on blinc's site: