View Full Version : widescreen? only see half screen

25th Jul 2006, 18:00
I just installed Commandos Strike Force and when i run it i can only see half of whats there, it looks like as if i need 2 monitors.

It doesnt happen on any other game and I have downloaded the latest drivers for my video card.

Machine Spec:

P4 2.4
Geforce FX 5200 128 MB
Soundblaster Audigy Platinum Ex

any help would be much appreciated thankyou

25th Jul 2006, 18:47
Ok i have solved my problem, with what seemed to be "aimless", clicking at things without being able to see what they are....

just incase anyone else has this problem, i will explain.

it seems that unless the antialiasing is set at 4x (or possibly higher) the game will stretch over what appears to be 2 monitor widths, nothing else made a difference.

Im putting this down to my graphics card which is very low end but best that would go in this machine :(

Ive got it to run, just about.

all in all this game is kinda stupid :) as i can play games like farcry and call of duty 2 no problem with fairly good visuals.

eidos need to sort it out.