View Full Version : I discovered the Lost City...

25th Jul 2006, 03:20
It's Teotihuacan :p I saw some images of this archaelogical ruin the other day and so I did a google image search and found a decent picture:


I did a few different searches and I don't think anyone has mentioned this before. I was wondering if this city was the actual inspiration for the Lost City :)

25th Jul 2006, 03:29
Wow! That does look a lot like it! All it needs are some snake statues.

25th Jul 2006, 10:04
:scratch: I thought the Aztec inspirations (for both the Lost City and the SR2 Air Forge) were so obvious they didn't need telling...?

(And, well, how about Tenochtitlan, aka modern-day Mexico City, which was even built in the middle of a lake, on a sort of floating rafts...? ;))

Zulgbrtzchllha, one word: Quetzalcoatl. :D

25th Jul 2006, 20:34
I didn't think it'd be modeled *that* closely after a real place, though.

26th Jul 2006, 04:13
Ah. In that case, I believe I have misunderstood you. Begging your pardon. :)

26th Jul 2006, 04:47
No problem :)

Irmok the Mad
27th May 2007, 03:05
The Aztec design was pretty obvious to me at first. But I already had a discreet knowledge of Aztecs in world history ages ago in high school.