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23rd Jul 2006, 19:46
Ok, as you'd probably guess, I'd say a bit too short BUT what was there was pure genius, the level designs, puzzle designs, variation, what an awesome game. Short maybe but short and fan-dabby-tastic versus long and bland, there's no competition.

Good controls, lovely clean movement, turbo gameplay, no larking about trying to make her point in the right direction or get to the very edge of a ledge for a line-up.
Bad though, TOO MANY BUTTONS! Because the automatic camera sucks big-time, I have to use the excellent mouse camera instead, but with only 3 buttons on my mouse my keyboard got totally crammed with grapples and grenades and aiming and stuff
Combat though can get a bit muddled. "NO, LAZ, SHOOT THE OTHER GUY, NOOOOOO"

Music - fan-dooby-wonderful
Sound FX - span-dilly-riffic

Graphics: Not cutting edge but still beautiful and ran smooth as anything.

Characterisation - Evil, hateful Lara is gone, the Lara in TR7 was THE Lara Croft, the original, the happy, jolly, don't-mess-with-me butt kicker!


24th Jul 2006, 01:56
Yes I agree, although I have a hard time with the swimming controls. I don't know why I just think they suck big time. Everything else is super-dan-tastic (something you would say rebel farmer!!!:D) I do think that the shooting aim could be slightly better like maybe sniper mode with zoom....mmmm hoo knows

Mangar The Dark
24th Jul 2006, 13:58
I agree with Rebel Farmer-- Legend is definitely a case of quality over quantity. If the sequel follows this same format but with more levels, it will be great.

I really liked the addition of the motorcycle chases-- it was the only time in a TR game when the vehicles sections actually felt exciting as opposed to just cumbersome (in the past, I spent too much time trying to angle the vehicle properly in a narrow corridor, or whatever ,to complete a jump. In Legend, it was all about speed and adrenaline, like a mini-racing game.) I know some people said the handling was awkward, but I had no trouble with it. Maybe it was worse on the PC or PS2 (I played on the Xbox.)

I also loved the locales. Bolivia, Peru, Ghana, England and Nepal were all classic TR environments with great atmosphere. And while I'm not usually a fan of modern day enivronments in TR games, I actually liked Japan and Kazakstan. Japan had those awesome dizzying heights which I enjoyed, and Kazakstan just made a nice change of pace (I wouldn't want too many levels like it, but since the majority of the other levels were tomb-oriented, having one modern location helped vary things a bit.)

The swimming controls do need some work, I agree with The Elite One on that. At least there were no underwater enemies, because that would have been brutal. But the rest of the controls were very well implemented. Much more fluid than in the previous games.

And, as Rebel Farmer said, Lara's personality in this game is the best-- she's actually likeable! (unlike in the past, when she often just seemed snobbish.) And when she gets pissed off near the end, that's probably the best acting ever in a TR game. Great job, Keely! I hope they keep her as Lara's voice for the next games.

24th Jul 2006, 14:36
Aye, Lara's new voice is fantastic. To me, Jonelle Elliot is THE voice of Lara Croft, the true voice, but Miss. New Person is a fantastic actor.


26th Jul 2006, 23:18
Music: Excellent
Controls: Excellent (as for the swimming, at least there wasn't much of that to be done... unless you wanted those rewards :mad2: )
Graphics: Excellent (except next gen was having issues with my cards; it was all choppy.. I hear nvidia cards are having somewhat of problem with the next gen anyway)
Story: Excellent
Levels: Could be longer and a smidge more challenging. Plus the game should've had mooooore!! :(

Not many monsters. No sniping :mad:

Now. Just for another :D