View Full Version : TR Legend for the PS3 and Wii.

23rd Jul 2006, 19:29
Since they did TR Legend for the Xbox 360.
Why don't they do for the PS3...
and the Nintendo Wii ad they're doing it for Gamecube, GBA and DS.

23rd Jul 2006, 21:06
If the Wii and the PS3 were out back in April, I'm sure they would be getting versions too. I think the GCN will be the last port, doubt they will port a 6 month old game just so it is on new platforms, not when everyone who will buy a PS3 will already have had a PS2 and those who'll get a Wii probably had a GCN. In that scenario, probably everyone would already have played Legend and it would be a waste.

I could be wrong, though, but I don't think Nixxes is going through all the trouble to port the game to every other next generation console.