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23rd Jul 2006, 07:15
Alright, winxp causing a problem i.e. movies don't play , my registry has a broken key due to which i can't install that combined version of indeo codecs.. so i'am left with win me ,everything going well but the problem is this that , i play this game by increasing the gamma through my brightness controller ( as my monitor brightness kinda less , and not willing AT ALL to mess with that ) .. but the brightness which i increase through the controller dose'nt works for the movies, offcourse , so i need a video overlay feature which is only available in the graphics controller for win xp.. So , is there any way through which i can increase the brightness of the movies, for win me??

23rd Jul 2006, 17:43
It's not clear to me from your description exactly what your problem is, but I'll offer a few suggestions.

First, if you really have a "broken registry key" as you say that prevents you from installing indeo codecs properly, I think you should fix it. If you are reluctant to run regedit yourself, then you could try Norton System Works or take your computer to a shop for a tune up. But this many not necessary. Your registry may be fine. See below....

Second, there is a problem with XP alone in which it has been necessary to reinstall indeo codecs every time you play Thief. There is a permanent fix to this problem. Look here and scroll down (http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75031#movies).

Third, you say you increase brighness through a "controller," but nothing happens to the movie brightness. By controller, I assume you mean the in-game video options. This is true. Movies come at one and only one brightness, independently of the in-game gamma setting. I have never heard a complaint that the standard movie brighness was too dark, so it seems to me that your monitor must be too dark. I know of two ways to solve this. One, obviously, is to bite the bullet and brighten your monitor. The second is to use the color correction capability of your video card drivers, if they have the capability. In the latest Nvidia drivers, there is a tab for color correction that allows you to change brightness, contrast, gamma, digital vibrance, and image sharpening. You can save the settings as a name (say, Thief), and you can use the system-tray icon to bring it up and restore the Thief settings before the game and revert to Standard settings after you play the game.

It used to be that Thief ignored these settings and reverted to its own on startup. This may be the case with Windows ME. I don't know when or how this changed, but now Windows and/or Nvidia (not sure which) has improved it so the settings remain in place when you start Thief. Note that these settings affect both movies and in-game brighness. If you adjust it so that the movies look fine, you can use the in-game gamma slider to balance the game with the movies.

Hope that helps. Please post back and let me know. If it doesn't help, please post your system specs including audio / video components, OS, etc. before asking us to dig deeper.