View Full Version : Hammer and Sword from T2X?

John D.
22nd Jul 2006, 15:55
I have placed the T2X files (mesh/obj/etc) in one of my T2 installations and have set the gamesys of an old unfinished city mission to the T2X gamesys for a little experimentation. However although I can see Zaya's hammer and sword just fine-in the inventory the sword and hammer look like Garrett's originals?! How do I fix that? and how do I make the elemental crystals fully functional?:)

22nd Jul 2006, 18:43
Regarding the player arms, make sure you've got all the right files and that you got the path right. E.g. they could be in Thief2\mesh\mesh

Regarding the elemental crysal, I don't know, I haven't looked.
You should have a look at it via a T2X mission.

John D.
23rd Jul 2006, 05:29
The mesh part is right since I can see the weapons in game, but the icon in the inventory screen is what looks like the originals. I also found something strange in T2X, in the object links you dont see any links to a sword or blackjack-yet they are still there?:confused:

23rd Jul 2006, 13:11
Oh right. The inventory icons are models from the obj folder, but they don't have the same filenames as the originals.

A few items (sword, hammer etc) are contained by the LoadoutCache, thus they get moved to the players only when the level starts.

John D.
24th Jul 2006, 11:42
Okay, I finally found them and got it fixed!:thumbsup: