View Full Version : I am stuck in the level after Bolivia

22nd Jul 2006, 08:12
I found Amanda dead, and in he shooting scene that follows I allways get shot down and never beat the other bad guys :mad2:

Can anyone give a tip ?

Many many thanks :p

22nd Jul 2006, 11:26
when your killing baddies a good technique is to lock on (hold L1 on ps2) and then press circle (ps2) in a direction. you can fire at the same time.

Make sure lara is always moving (jump around alot)then the baddies miss you all the time.

22nd Jul 2006, 14:41
Hey :)

I fond it by my self !
Thanks :)

But im now in Japan end i shoot the bad people (Japans bad guys :nut: )
I dont now wat i now have te dow :mad2:

Someone please help me ?

22nd Jul 2006, 16:00
Perhaps more of a discription as to where you are in the level would help?

23rd Jul 2006, 08:46
Hey people :)

I am now with Takamoto but i dont kan kill hem:(
I dont now hou i have te kill hem ...
Kan someone please help me ?

Almost thanks.

26th Jul 2006, 23:09
Please try to type your english better, lol. Assuming that's what you're typing. Can't really help if i have no clue what you're saying can I now? :scratch:

27th Jul 2006, 00:06
Take a look in the post Tomb Raider Lengend- Boss strategies. That might help. I was almost ready to give up while trying to defeat that Boss guy. Standng behind a pillar, moving slightly to one side and manually targeting him will eventually kill him. The targeted area need not have a red dot in the middle, just a grey dot. Good luck