View Full Version : Happy Birthday, Huntress!

21st Jul 2006, 13:43
Happy Birthday, Huntress!

I hope you have a great day :)


21st Jul 2006, 18:38
Thank you Christine..so nice to hear from you and do we ever miss your Mods!!! Maybe when NewHorizens team finish their DarkMod maybe you might be in the mood again to do something with it? You of course would have to have Doom3 to utilize it. Hope all is well with you and doing OK :) Ta and Good Hunting!

21st Jul 2006, 19:05
Hello Huntress :) I own Doom3 and played it some time ago, but I don't want to make maps for this game. I like the Unreal series much more, but UnrealEd hates me... :rolleyes:
So I'll stay with the Dark Engine and work on my SystemShock2 campaign. But I'm also working on a Thief 2 mission. It's not my mission, I'm just helping a friend from the german forum to finish his Thief 2 campaign ;)

John D.
21st Jul 2006, 19:23
Doom 3 isnt bad to work with, I got through the intital room tutorials and built a few rooms before dropping out of the project. Glad to hear you have more wonderful stuff in the making for SS2 Christine. And you have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUNTRESS!:D :thumbsup: Your present is waiting for you at http://thiefmissions.com/info.cgi?m=BurglaryInBlackbrook go get it!;)

Shadow Creepr
21st Jul 2006, 21:12
Happy Birthday! :D

22nd Jul 2006, 00:14
Happy Birthday Huntress!!

22nd Jul 2006, 01:16
The Huntress is enjoying a birthday! HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO YOU!

22nd Jul 2006, 01:45
And may you enjoy many more. Dianna . :)

Here's a present for you:


22nd Jul 2006, 03:12
Happy Birthday, Huntress! I hope you had a wonderful day. :)

22nd Jul 2006, 14:02
Happy Birthday!:)
From a fairly new Thief.Who is loving Fm's.

24th Jul 2006, 23:44
Hot Diggidie Dog...what nicer B.P.'s could a Thief want? New places to rob and thunk the heads of a few interlopers that would have the audacity to try and prevent my future purse fillings...and a Brand New Bow to shoot a few nasty critters with...I'm SET!!! :D

Thank you all as well for the nice greetings. It was a quiet day...just me and my computer having some good fun with the locals. However today, me and my computer tech friend Rich, took my monitor over to a repair shop for some color adjustments as I started getting some serious problems with that function recently as well. If it ain't one dang thing it's another...you know the story. Well what turned out to be a funny we laughed about several times after...was Benson, who owns the shop and we've both done business with him before..when I asked him about a loaner he said they didn't do that anymore, then immediately said wait while I go in the back and get you one :D So I have a nice 18" NEC to use in the meantime...wasn't that special ;) It's gonna cost me about $100 to $125 more or less. D__n #$@#$ computers!

Christine...I don't have SS2 as such other than a couple of ancient downloads that I've never opened due to the fact I felt they were too complicated for me to try and play. I still feel that way so I guess I probably won't get to see your mod for it...will be looking for the other one however that your helping someone with for T2 :D I sure wish you'd try and see about getting on the team for DarkMod...they could sure use more helpers and since you have Doom3 already please reconsider about perhaps getting involved in that regard rather than doing a whole mod yourself????? HINT HINT HINT :D

Ta and Good Hunting!

25th Jul 2006, 12:02
I don't know why I missed this before. Anyway, happy birthday, Huntress. I hope that you are here for a hundred more. You should be. You look so young.

26th Jul 2006, 17:57
Hope it was a good one!