View Full Version : Slow, can't get past first turn

21st Jul 2006, 10:54


I have a pentium 4, 32 bit 138 rage pro card, and over the minimum requirement for ram, yet the game is ultra slow. the game takes forever to load, and I cant get past first round (i havent waited to long, I'm pretty sure the AI is faster than a half hour). I tried all of those things required for xp which load the game faster but not much more than that. I realise that a 64 bit card is better but others seem to have no problem, any thoughts? Should i install more ram, or get a 64 card, help me please, I wanna play this game badly!!!!!!!!!!

22nd Jul 2006, 19:32
When in doubt, it's always safe to assume it's a problem with the graphic card, at least if your comp doesn't show any other unusual symptoms ;)
Since IG runs fine and unrestricted on most cards for less than 100 EURO/$ (I'm using a Geforce 6600 for example) its not a huge investment and certainly wortwile for other games as well.

Btw, later in the game (after about 3 hours) turns CAN take a while - especially if an empire has enclaves, and the Brits usually do, and there are still some neutral countries around -, but really never more than about 2 or 3 minutes, maybe with an old processor 5, but I doubt it.

23rd Jul 2006, 12:15
thanks, I guess I'll go with a new graphics card.:)