View Full Version : Please Someone Help!

21st Jul 2006, 03:37
okay imm in khazacastan (i cant spell it:)) and im at the part where o've alredy seen amanda and got the whole power thing going. but im on the other side where the gun isin't and it won't let me get back to it. it won't let me pass through the half open doors. please someone help i've been stuck here doing the same thing for about 2 hours. i really need to get to the gun. is there any other way.!!?!? Mad2Mad2Mad2

Sophia Leigh
21st Jul 2006, 03:59
I can't exactly work out what bits you have and haven't done so here's a link to Stella's walkthrough where you will find your answer :)

21st Jul 2006, 11:15
What is stopping you from going through the half open doors? Just go through when the are open the most