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~Lara Croft~
20th Jul 2006, 01:46
I am switching from Lara Croft Wanna Be To ~Lara Croft~ just wanted to tell me adoring fans so i am LCWB and will no longer be posting on that account... Im tired of being a wanna be lol

20th Jul 2006, 19:50
I am sorry, we can't let you use that name. Lara Croft's name is reserved for Lara Croft (http://forums.eidosgames.com/member.php?u=1930).

Olgerth Heidern
21st Jul 2006, 15:28
Well dang. She oughtta be posting more than. Don't you people have, you know, "Deactivation due to Account Inactivity" policy or somesuch?

22nd Jul 2006, 14:18
Yep l agree Lara Croft should share with her adoring fans more, actually never realised she was officially a member she posts that much :scratch:
Perhaps her thoughts on precisely where Legend takes place in the chronology of her adventures would be enlightening