View Full Version : New lockpicks

Marshall Banana
18th Jul 2006, 17:38
Recently, I made Garrett a new set of lockpicks. These include: A hook-toothed pick, a ball-toothed pick, a rake-toothed pick, and a diamond-toothed pick. If you want them, PM me with your e-mail address, and I will mail them to you.

John D.
18th Jul 2006, 17:40
Sounds neat-could you post some pics of those so we can see what they look like? :)

Marshall Banana
18th Jul 2006, 17:57


18th Jul 2006, 18:18
Hey, those are pretty good! :thumbsup:

19th Jul 2006, 22:02
Those are good.

Marshall Banana
25th Jul 2006, 19:12
And on the subject of new objects, How about a reskinnable table?