View Full Version : WADMerger - Runtime '75' Error :(

14th Jul 2006, 19:14
Im geting back to level editing..

Im geting all the programs that I know ill need..

I just instaled WADMerger.

When I try to open the program, I get a pop up that says:

Run-Time Error '75':

Path/File Acess Error.

I tried DLing the zlib.dll file but it hasnt helped..

Im sure this isnt an extreamly rare problem.. does anyone know how to fix this?

14th Jul 2006, 22:18
Which version do you have?

Do you have all the runtime files?

15th Jul 2006, 01:52
apparently 1ts v1.8.

i found his website and there is 1.95.. says I need do DL two run times,
gonna try that.