View Full Version : Technology Tree

13th Jul 2006, 14:26
Has anyone tried to fiddle around with the technology trees for the individual political systems? I suspect the information is stored in DefGrafos.def in the ArbolTecnologias folder, but scrolling through that file in a Hex-editor didn't get me anywhere, I was not able to tell what function the numerical values in it have (possibly they only refer to the graphical representation of the tech tree in game).
My main gripe with it is that the absence of Surgery for democracies makes that political system extremly unattractive, since the whole aspect of experience for units is pretty pointless without being able to heal them. Yeah, I know you can merge units and at least get an "averaged-out" experience, but the rule of identical nationality for merging makes this unbelievably tedious or even impossible (you know what I'm talking about if you ever had your glorious egyptian army fighting in the Scandinavian theatre :D )

On the other hand I really can live without naval academies or treasuries (which take decades till amortization).