View Full Version : Infantry battle help!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13th Jul 2006, 01:25
Can anyone tell me how to make infantry charge? When ever I press melee attack all it doses go back to ranged the second the enemy fires. Help?:scratch:

13th Jul 2006, 02:56
Click the melee button and then click the unit you want to charge at, or I think if you press and hold the Ctrl button it changes the icon to the melee icon and then just click at the unit you want to charge against.:scratch:

13th Jul 2006, 13:56
OP is right about the button, one quick correction though:

I think the ctrl+RMB produces a firing result, I believe you have to press and hold shift+LMB to force melee combat :) hth.

(edited because I can't read straight lol )

13th Jul 2006, 15:58
what do you mean shift + rmb?

13th Jul 2006, 16:28
what do you mean shift + rmb?
Never mind i got!! Thank You!!!!:)