View Full Version : Need dromeders to check beta

John D.
9th Jul 2006, 16:11
I have a beta version of my T2 remake together now, but I seem to have crashing problems in various areas. I checked the pallete count which was 162 so it was well in the limit as well as corrected some room brush problems but the troubles continue. I'm uploading to megaupload right now so if any experienced dromeders would like to take a look and make a diagnosis I'd be most greatful.

I keep saying I will stick with making small missions instead of big ones but I keep slipping up!;)

John D.
11th Jul 2006, 17:55
Special thanks to John Denison for his help! He mentioned that when he deleted
objects from a crash area, nothing worked until he got rid of the Hammers. When I narrowed it down-it turns out that the sword carrying ones were causing the breakdown for whatever reason. When I replaced them-the crashing went away! Guess the Builder was trying to tell me something!:rolleyes:

17th Jul 2006, 19:47
Does this mean that you're about to release another FM? :cool:

John D.
18th Jul 2006, 01:06
It's a remake of an old one that's been overhauled. Still have some tweaking to do, but I hope to have it ready within a week.:)

18th Jul 2006, 04:28