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the last frustration
8th Jul 2006, 21:39
TLF was reminded of this place a few moments ago, and decided to drop in and say hello. Remember her? Notice how she still remembers to speak in the third person, even though you all thought she wouldn't last a week. Tsk tsk, you people have no faith.

Ah, well. She's not here to stay; just popping in. It'd be great to see a few hellos from any old members still hanging around; the only person she's kept in touch with these past... what is it now? Three years, four? is SSStarfish. She misses everyone else! XD

9th Jul 2006, 00:35
Welcome back! Good to see ya!
There's still a lot of familiar folks around here, as I'm sure you'll soon see!

9th Jul 2006, 06:58
Hi, I can't write in the first person either, but I usually give my characters a different name and a different personality to me. Writing about yourself in the third person. Intriguing concept :D

9th Jul 2006, 08:42
TLF! so nice to see you dropping in again. :D pity you're not hanging around, this place could do with some of your dry humour. :cool:

L Croft
9th Jul 2006, 11:49
I remember TLF, how could I forget someone who always speaks in the third person? :D

9th Jul 2006, 14:22
hey, I think I remember you ;)
but not the 3rd person bits...

you were also a member of the Tombraiders.com forums, right?

23rd Jul 2006, 04:29
Yup - I remember you all the way back from Theresa's forum - that's how I got here, when it ended.

Hope you're doing well - doing anything interesting lately ???

There are a lot of Custom TR4 Games out there to play !!!

23rd Jul 2006, 09:06
TLF was reminded of this place.
That means she had forgotten? We are shocked.