View Full Version : introduction and request help on legends laura croft

8th Jul 2006, 11:18
hi to anyone and everyone. please could anyone advise me on how to avoid rolling ball, legends on x-box. i' ve just gone through blades in wall and used box infront of me to avoid them, and then gone up stairs , then down stairs to hear ball rolling down behind . there are spears infront, the first set i can jump over on left, then more spears, where ball gets us. any help would be great.thanks.

8th Jul 2006, 11:45
You are looking for help? You came to the right place.

First of all, her name is Lara, not Laura. ;)

8th Jul 2006, 13:23
Jump over the right side of first set and then roll under the left side of the second set of spears. Then jump over the gap and rush through the opening to trigger the dodge/escape cutscene.

8th Jul 2006, 13:43
thanks to goranagar and treeble for your replies , your help is appriciated.