View Full Version : Help please!!!

8th Jul 2006, 06:32

i'm up to the part of when Lara is having flashbacks when her mum disappeared but no matter how I try I cant get across the bridge....I get near the end the fall off....any suggestions??

thanks :)

Sophia Leigh
8th Jul 2006, 07:25
When the flashbacks finish don't stop to fight. Keep running and then do a running jump to get across. Once your across then you can get down to business.

8th Jul 2006, 08:00
Make sure to keep your finger on the jump button to do an extra long jump

star girl
8th Jul 2006, 09:05
If you're having difficulties clearing the bridge, try running on the right side of it. It's slightly raised, and it would help with the jumps involving the missng planks, but when nearing the end, you need to long jump that just like aussie and Mum advised. :)

10th Jul 2006, 00:06
Don't forget to press the :"triangle" button once you've made that big jump...It'll make sure Lara has a firm hold to hoist herself up..I've fallen a few times before i realised why the symbol was being displayed :mad2: Lol