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26th Sep 2013, 13:10
Nobody had said anything about the music in Nosgoth yet, but I think a few people were asking.

Looks like this guy might be doing it according to his tweet:

His main site with samples from other games:

26th Sep 2013, 13:42
Man, I can't find anything with remarkable music that he's worked on besides maybe UT2004.

26th Sep 2013, 14:04
Nice find! As to what it means for Nosgoth's soundtrack... well not much I guess. Hopefully he's taken inspiration from the other games soundtrack. The music was a huge part of the atmosphere.

The trailer music wasn't anything special or even LoK-ish (from what I gathered, he made it) but a trailer music will always be kind of generic. Fingers crossed for the actual soundtrack!

26th Sep 2013, 14:06
Maybe SE will let him put one or two songs from Nosgoth on his site not it's been announced.

26th Sep 2013, 14:17
Thanks for the information Vampmaster – I’m hoping the music’s filled with some good LoKness to add some dark atmosphere to the game :D

26th Sep 2013, 15:49
I am really curious about the whole soundtrack as I am a LOK Music lover.
Sometimes I work listening to Soul Reaver 1 and 2 soundtracks.

I loved the music on Nosgoth's trailer and got anxious.
If that music is truly part of Nosgoth, then I'll like it :)

26th Sep 2013, 17:32
Why not Kurt Harland?

26th Sep 2013, 18:04
I want some of the music from Soul Reaver 1 (namely Ruined City Normal/Danger and Necropolis Combat) remade to fit in intense situations that you'd meet in the game.
Remember that ominous chanting from the Ruined City soundtrack? Yeah.

Why not Kurt Harland?

iirc he's busy working with Nihilistic Software

27th Sep 2013, 03:37
Information Society make the master-pice Ozar Midrashim!!! I realy hope the miusic have this level :P

28th Sep 2013, 05:07
I can actually hear in his stuff why they might choose him to make some of the game music. He makes moody atmospheric pieces from the sounds of it, that could easily be translated into something very suiting to a preSR1 world. It sounds like the trailer music is definitely trailer music, but I can hear the potential to be something awesome, and at least is in the same vein of the pieces that were composed for SR. It sounds to me more along the lines of the Fire Forge, and the the area you get the Sunlight Glyph.

Edit: Here, listen to some of his stuff, and cycle through some of the SR sound track and then discuss. 'Cause I think he has the flair for this kind of stuff, but he just needs the right nudge. Which I'm going to hope he has. Optimism.