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7th Jul 2006, 20:38
I don't remeber in which hitman it was, but my favoourite one was in Rotterdam the one with the trains :cool:

2nd Sep 2006, 13:11
I don't remeber in which hitman it was, but my favoourite one was in Rotterdam the one with the trains :cool:

In Hitman Codename 47. My favorite was the one with stabling in Contacts. It has a lot of different ways to achieve goal.

6th Sep 2006, 12:38
Hitman: Codename 47 - the Asylum levels
Hitman 2: Silent Assassin - Tubeway Torpedo
Hitman: Contracts - the Manor House level
Hitman: Blood Money: toss-up between "Flatline" and "A New Life".

20th May 2007, 15:31
In BM, gotta be 'Curtains Down'

24th May 2007, 17:43
In order of preference.

10. Beldingford Manor (contracts)
Kind of cool being the good guy for a change and rescuing the kid. Also enjoy playing the "stealth kill" game where you see how many people you can tag without any alerts. My record's 7 (The indoor guard in the cellar, Both hunt party members, Lord Beldingford, The Butler, Alistair Beldingford and his drinking buddy.)

9. Traditions of the trade (contracts.)
Always liked the hotel missions. Moreso than the others, the hotel missions rely on misdirection as opposed to outright stealth. Confidence tricks and distraction are the assassin's best friends in these levels. Plus, in real life I work in a hotel, so if I get bored, I can take out my real life frustrations by marching into the lobby with the biggest gun I have at my disposal.

8. Jacuzzi Job (Silent Assassin)
For such a small level, so tricky, and so rewarding!

7. Anathema (Silent Assassin)
Great introductory level. Reasonably small, quite straightforward, but enough secrets to make going back worthwhile.

6. Basement Killing (Silent Assassin)
All about manipulating the circumstances so you can charge through the metal detectors unchallenged. Also liked the nice little touch that your ID footage of the target was his 6th birthday. This combined with the fact he was just a computer programmer and not a major louse like the other targets made this all the more chilling. Really hammered home the fact that 47 is not a hero on a white horse.

5. Murder of Crows (Blood Money)
The public setting, and sheer number of potential witnesses makes this so rewarding to play. Would love to see more levels like this in future installments.

4. Curtains Down (Blood Money)
Excellently designed to be a beautifully convaleuted hit on both targets. It's also darkly satisfying to take out the executioner actor and take his place in the opera. Something to be said for orchestrating a way you can shoot a target in the face at point-blank range in a crowded theatre without anyone thinking anything's wrong.

3. Ammendment XXV (Blood Money)
What can I say, you have to break into the freaking whitehouse!!!

2. Invitation to a party (Silent Assassin)
Alot like the hotel missions, I like this because it is satisfying to manipulate the backdrop, again relying more on misdirection and manipulation than simply sneaking to the area you can snaffle the "Access all areas" disguise and brazenly walk up to the target. Also like the nce little "dodge the Spetznaz agent" side story.

1. House of Cards (Blood Money)
In addition to my comments about the other hotel missions, I love the idea of the manipulation of the briefcases meaning that you get the guards to carry out the hit on the scientist, and the courier actually brings you the gun to perform the hit on the Shiek. Classic movie-style hit.

Xaander Le
29th Mar 2008, 17:34
I've only ever played Hitman 2, but I still have a bunch of favourite levels to play.

Terminal Hospitality - Just for the fact that it is a massive island with loads of different ways to complete the mission. My favourite is to just burst in with a uzi gun blazing away killing anyone who moves.

Anatherma - This is one of the only levels I actually enjoy using stealth on. Garotting the big fat don without raising a single alarm is probably one of my favourite accomplishments.

Basement Killing - Just because the target looks so much like Wayne Knight's character from the film Jurassic Park.

Sewer Rat - Because its just so much fun turning off the lights and wandering around, killing guards in the dark.

1st Apr 2008, 17:13
the best level on hitman 2 has to be the one where you reek havoc on the ground floor of the Petrobas towers :cool:

26th Jun 2008, 11:53
To my mind the best mission in Bood Money for me of course is mission in the hosipal for alcoholics.
Really pitty I have forgotten its name.:o

26th Jun 2008, 20:29
Flatline :thumbsup: