View Full Version : First official Napoleonic Total War 2 Preview!

Lord Zimoa of Flanders
5th Jul 2006, 20:35
Sadly we cannot show you the full preview here at Eidos as there is a picture showing limitation on this forum.

Go here to view the first NTW2 Preview on our own Lordz forum:



The Lordz

5th Jul 2006, 21:58
I can hardly wait...loks genuinely VERY good...and thats speaking as someone who was unimpressed with MTW:NTW1...Can Pyro reply...???!!!IG is STILL the best Napoleonic game ....until August......!?

Sir Crow
8th Jul 2006, 23:05
I bet you don't get out much do you? NTW1 is still one of the best Napoleonic games going and guess what, it's still going. Is IG? And also remember NTW1 is free so which game would you say is value for money? There has been some recent releases of Napoleonic games, Cossack 2 : BFE springs to mind but to me it's laggy like the original one was until the patch came out. Crown of Glory has recently been released on CD whereas it has been available for a while on DL. It seems very good but is complicated and hasn't got your 3D experience. Hist War will be releasing their game too, Les Grognards and that promises to be special. Now look at NTW2, while it has no major campaign it will start with Borodino and hopefully will move onto Waterloo where it will have mini-campaigns. As I have played NTW2 I must say it plays everso well, the graphics are just as good as in IG (IMO better) but the units are more individual and the once you play a MP game and have won or lost it is very satisfying. Now look at IG, I have been trying to play a LAN MP game for ages now and still get sync problems. To sum up I would say IG doesn't come in the top 3 as far as a Napoleonic Game experience goes and when Histwar comes I think most people will be saying 'What's IG?' Don't get me wrong though I bought IG when it first came out and loved it for about a week but then you understand it's flaws, same old maps, stupid militia, non-balanced units, Not enough factions and not enough help with the modding so modders could turn it into something that would last. I really thought this game promised so much but with Pyro not forthcoming m8 it can only be described as second rate.