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Lord Yaksha
4th Jul 2006, 13:20
I would do this myself but I have absolutely no skill with this kind of thing, so I’d be grateful if anybody that has the skill and inclination to help to please do it for me.

I'm working on a project regarding LoK and I need a map of Nosgoth. It needs to be as detailed as possible, meaning I need every mountain, river, lake, valley, forest, town, city, citadel, bosses dungeons and/or lairs, every location visited in every game including the reaver forges, gateways and glyph forges, cemeteries, tombs, crypts etc (and anything else I may have missed out from that list I also need on the map). When the project is finished I will, of course, give 100% credit to the person or people who make this map for me.

4th Jul 2006, 18:26
you mean the whole LOK series? because I might be able to help, but I won't add any BO2 references.

4th Jul 2006, 19:49
This place has all the maps shown in the games: http://www.nosgoth.net/home.htm

Lord Yaksha
4th Jul 2006, 21:03
Yes, I mean the whole series, and I guess I could do without the BO2 stuff, I have no need for any of the locations from there as far as I can tell :)

P.S. Thanks in advance :)