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3rd Jul 2006, 21:58
Can sum1 explain to me wtf iz goin on i just talked to like 30 people online on the ps2 version that is having same problem.... U get kicked in mid of a match n it says failure to verify account then when u try to log in again it says sum1 is cuurrently logged into ur name i waited a half hour n was able to log back into my account again but wtf is goin on 4 real ....eidos theres always a problem with somethin n i know the patches was a nice gift back n the day when u dropped them but they arent doin it for us anymore... Cheaters still cheat... Levels are still unfinished... And glitchers still glitch.... Im told a new patch is coming then im told its here and its the same thing then im told ists just a rumor.... We need a new patch i know that so can sum1 from eidos plz tell me wtf is goin on. The game is fun when it works i been playn since jan... But it is full of cheaters and bs and restarting or re-logging in every 30 min or less is just plain bs..... Plz eidos hear my cry and understand there is hundreds more i am speaking for ...now tell me are u gonna do something about it or what:mad2: :whistle: :mad2: :whistle: :mad2: :mad:

4th Jul 2006, 10:41
simple have 2 log ins..when one gets messed up use other one

4th Jul 2006, 17:57
I would just like to point out the fact that the glitching is something that cannot be stopped. It's a flaw in the game itself. You can do it offline as well as online.

One And Only
13th Feb 2007, 00:21
Tha same thing happened to me a while back every one was online and the game froze for every one, when they tried to log back on it said some one was already logged onto it