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Kain's Adversary
2nd Jul 2006, 17:04
I was searching the internet for LoK sprites, but I couldn't find any.
Does anybody know where for example sprites from blood omen (1) can be found. Otherwise is there someone here who wants to make platform or zelda-style (snes) sprites from Kain/raziel (or any other character from the LoK series.) :cool:

If we have those, maybe with a bit of programming skills (and perhaps game maker) we could make our own fan game.
This could make the wait for the next "real" LoK shorter.:D

18th Aug 2006, 04:31
i saw one of raziel for the fighting game engine - mugen

it was made from nightcrawler sprites i think...

let me know if you want the sprite and i'll email you.

Kain's Adversary
18th Aug 2006, 11:40
Yes, if you could send me those sprites, I would be very happy :p :D
Could you send them to kainsadversary@hotmail.com.

18th Aug 2006, 21:08
it has been sent!

although the sprite is WIP i think its like 80% done or something...

the guy who made this is also making kain.
can't wait for it!

Kain's Adversary
19th Aug 2006, 12:27
How can I open the files, if I press the exe file nothing happens.

26th Aug 2006, 22:43
How can I open the files, if I press the exe file nothing happens.

^_^;; sorry i just downloaded it and never tried to open it...but as soon as i do i'll figure it out and resend it to you ok!