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30th Jun 2006, 05:36
If you've suffered the same problem as me then there is a simple solution:

Hi I'm having a few problems specifically with the sound in the game. Each problem occurs once the other is rectified. The first problem is that certain sounds such as the ambience, eg waterfall from Vintage Year, have a 'stuttering' or 'static like' noise. This was rectified by going into dxdiag and moving the slider bar to the left. However this creates another problem whereby all the speech is stutter like and the quality of the music goes down considerably.

The rest of the game works perfectly and I have also experimented by choosing different graphic options and updating all my drivers.

It may be due to the fact the your computer has an incorrect speaker setup. All you have to do is go to control panel --> sounds and audio devices --> and then experiment with different settings. I've got a 2.1 setup and so naturally I chose 5.1 in the settings. This was rectified by choosing stereo.

4th Jan 2010, 09:34
okey so here is the deal. I have the same problem that you have mentioned. But the solution you told me don't work. so a little info then:

just installed a new Sound card.
I am using stereo headphones in the setup you mentioned.
I have tried to change the setup as u suggested and have not worked

Help would be nice cause I am on the last mission and now the sound don't work and that is a killjoy