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26th Sep 2013, 01:47
This is a place for alpha/beta testers to get to know each other! Say hi, or talk about yourself!

My name is Cameron and I am currently a high school student. I enjoy playing MOBA's but I have been a deep fan of Psyonix's work since the very start! I have tested many betas before and I am looking forward to testing with all of you!:)

26th Sep 2013, 01:50
Hello! Welcome To Nosgoth! My Names Elton And Im I'm Going To Be Going To School For Game Art And Design :) Good Luck On Trying To Get Alpha Or Beta!

Hi To All!

26th Sep 2013, 03:12
Hello Everyone, My name is Luis and I'm From Chile.

26th Sep 2013, 06:07
'Ello gentlemen. I would be Marc. I'm wholesomely hoping that I can bash my face off of the beta sign-up sheet and maybe have the blood and brain cell sacrifice let me have a win for a change. Personally I've beta-tester a solid number of almost twenty games, albeit, only Alpha-tested a couple. It'll be fun tearing people apart on the streets.

26th Sep 2013, 06:38
Greetings and salutations!
If we're going to be all friendly here (of which I heartily approve) I might as well add my two cents (three cents after tax). My name's Joseph and I love beta testing when college doesn't have me bogged down with work. There's a certain beauty to be found while experiencing a game go from the flawed and unbalanced cesspool of just-after-alpha all the way to its full potential. I saw this game mentioned today and remembering back to the nostalgia of those old games and realizing my love of all games dark and gritty I just had to jump on in.
I think the company in charge has a good metaphorical head on its equally metaphorical shoulders so I can't wait to see what they do with the subject mater.

Let's see if we can't get this thread more introductions than the actual welcome thread. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

26th Sep 2013, 07:04
Name's Emil, and I'm an avid gamer and studying to become a game developer myself. Currently a media and design student.
I hail from the cold Norway. It's cold. It's all you need to know.

No seriously it's really cold.

Anyways, Legacy of Kain is one of my favourite game series of all time. It's sad to see that it's so obscure here up north, but not so obscure that I haven't met fellow fans. When Nosgoth was announced I kinda got a little bit disappointed, since I've long wanted a conclusion to, well, Kain's legacy. But oh well, you take what you get. Who knows, it might be good! Can't judge a book by it's cover, especially when the cover is in an alpha stage.

I really hope that I can take part of the game's development by joining the alpha test.

26th Sep 2013, 08:54
Hello everyone,

Nice to meet you all! People call me Sarah because it's easier to pronounce than my real name which would be Shora. Currently I have my own business as a photographer. It gives me plenty of time in the evenings after my work hours to do other things, such as playing games.

Games have always been a great part of my life. I remember that my father bought a PC for me when I was 5 years old back in in the early 90's and we were the only ones in the neighbourhood to own a computer. Even though I was only 5 I started trying out games on the computer.

I've been a fan of the Legacy of Kain game series for more than, well, 10 years or so I guess (I cannot exactly remember how old I was when I saw the Soul Reaver trailer, but probably around 14, 15 years old). In fact, I introduced my best friend to it and she too is a huge fan of the games. My favourite character from the Legacy of Kain game series would be Raziel, closely followed by Kain and Zephon. I clearly remember when me and my best friend watched the trailer to the Soul Reaver game for the first time and we sat there with our mouths wide open, and we both just screamed out loud at how good-looking lieutenant Raziel was while we blushed like the little school girls we were. Good times!

I was surprised to see that Nosgoth is a PvP styled game, because, well, let's say I'm not always the best at PvP (usually I stuff my face full of chocolate when I encounter PvP in games and fail at it, as a reaction to my own in-game loss). But hey, I'm a quick learner! Just need a whole lot of chocolate to help me on the way. :) I'm excited to play Nosgoth and see it with my own eyes and as I type this, I've already asked my best friend to check out the official website of the game. We've even decided which clans to play as. :)

I'm really hoping that I can take part in the alpha test. Even if that's not the case, it's still nice to be a part of a nice and friendly community. Looking forward to getting to know all you Legacy of Kain fans out there. :)

26th Sep 2013, 14:01
Hello I'm Kirru and I'm super excited to be doing this!

26th Sep 2013, 14:23
Hey everyone I'm Leaving, I hope I get access to the Alpha Test :<

26th Sep 2013, 15:10
Hey everyone, I'm George and I'm super excited to be with you as the game's CM. Can't wait to play with you all in game!!

26th Sep 2013, 15:33
Hello everybody! I am The_Reaver, but you can call me Nina. Yeap, another girl around. I just love gaming, design and arts. Currently I own a Legacy of Kain blog (since 2003) in portuguese. The unique active blog in Brazil since Defiance was released loooong time ago. My english is not perfect but I guess I am understable. I need the alpha test. It would be an honor to represent the Brazil during the tests ...

Hugs to you all !!! ♥

26th Sep 2013, 16:22
Hi everyone. Name's Bob. Hope to see you all in the game. Good luck getting your invites.

26th Sep 2013, 17:24
Hello everyone my names Paddy, I've been a legacy of Kain fan since i first picked it up by accident one day back not long before soul reaver, been a massive fan of the lore, the architecture, the world and the characters of course. Im one of what would be called the old guard i suppose but I've been very keenly following Nosgoth since it was brought to the fore ages ago, just ask George and he'll tell you have I've chased after every last scrap of info i could lol. Anyways im very open to Nosgoth for what it is, and exited to explore it for what it is, a title all of its own that is set in a world that means a great deal to me.

Anyways folks im gonna be on here as much as i can and ill hopefully see you all in the beta but if not ill definitely see you there when the game is released properly!

26th Sep 2013, 17:45
Howdy folks.

I'm a tad secretive/paranoid, but you can call me Tex if you feel the need to call me anything in particular. I'm from Texas. My family's lived in Texas since before Texas was a state, so I guess I'm qualified to have the title "Texan," heh.

Anyway, like many of you, I'm a big fan of the series. I've played 'em all, loved 'em all (even BO2). I actually hoped to see a sort of reboot happen before someone tried to cover the grey period during Raziel's fall or Defiance's conclusion, but it's definitely less of a risk doing it this way compared to trying to make Defiance's successor like so many wanted.

Suffice it to say that I'm really hopeful that this thing will be a great addition to the series, or at least good enough to turn SE onto the idea of giving LoK some more love. ;)

It's a lore that's really easy to fall in love with in the current age of graphics-intensive story-minimal releases.

...And it wouldn't hurt to bring some new blood into the mix. I fear that most of the hardcore fans here are at risk of having grey hair or bald spots, heh.

Anyway, fingers crossed. :D

26th Sep 2013, 20:30
Hi there everyone,

nice to read your stories up to now. So my real name is Ruud and im from the netherlands. I have played every game in the LOK and BO series to date (and still own all of them too :D). I've been doing some Beta testing in the past but when i heard THIS was going to be open for public i surfed on over here to register first thing.
In my spare time, because i work, i play on X360, PS3 or WiiU and a few PC games like GW2 and The Secret World. Besides that i do some writing in the thriller and/or sci-fi genre.

I am really looking forward to this game (though it would be nice if it would come to next -gen (PS4/XB0ne) as well.

Talk 2 U later.

"What madness is this? What pitifull form is this that i've come to inhabbit?"
- "I know you Raziel, You are Worthy"

26th Sep 2013, 22:30
hello guys, My name is Cristopher, and I am too very exited about the possibility of being chosen for alpha/beta testing =)

27th Sep 2013, 12:27
Hello to all : ))

I'm from Denmark and 20 years of age. I don't know whether I'm a student or employed. Bit of both I guess, heheh.

I know nothing about the Legacy of Kain or anything about this company. I actually just stumbled across one of the much behated video adds on a youtube video. Which happened to be an add about Nosgoth. It looked very interesting so I watched the full 3 minutes, and hurried over here! It looks super exciting and I'm super excited!

I have no idea whether to be a vampire or human... Both look appealing! : ))

27th Sep 2013, 12:30
Hello everybody… :D
Well no surprise I signed up for the testing…though I think my brain nearly disintegrated with the law sheet…man that was hard going.
Um…well I’m Lucinvampire and I’m from England…and have been a fan of the series since 1997 when I discovered BO. I’ve lurked around a lot in the shadows but stepped onto but floated around since around 2002 onwards (but only really come active in the last few years).
I’m known for getting a tad bit excitable and hyper…oh and I completely suck at the games…no kidding seriously.

27th Sep 2013, 15:33
Hello ,guys! Nice to see so many people excited for the new game :).
My name is Velina,but you can call me Vili ;) . I love playing on-line games with my friends. I see that many of you participated in alfa and beta testing. To be honest I have never had the chance to alfa/beta test a game ,so this will be my first time :).

Looking forward to play with you all when the game comes out in Steam :).

27th Sep 2013, 15:40
HI :D my realy name is martinus xd but everybody calls me Ties ( i'm dutch by the way) ( dutch NOT deutch)
i'm from the netherland.
i love playing online multiplayer games espachaly Beta games :D
i hope i'l meet you guys ( in game Ofcourse ) once :D

28th Sep 2013, 10:07
Hello, the name's Kain, but you can call me poppa Kain. All those nifty Vampires you see running about are my children. Well, grandchildren, I didn't make them, just their parents. Still, they wouldn't be there without me! I'm honestly a tad concerned, I haven't been on vacation that long, and yet the filthy humans have already risen up? Maybe Time travel getaways weren't such a hot idea...

29th Sep 2013, 14:51
Hello... I am Itazura..... i like weapons....thats all i have to say. Perhaps vampires spy us.

29th Sep 2013, 20:16
sup guys, I'm Dragos been a fan of LoK since I played it. Been a long time but all I can say this game will be my favorite forever.
See you all inside and hope we all get a beta ... I'm gonna be a vampire just because I am originally from Transylvania haha
take that humans ;)

29th Sep 2013, 20:43
Hello Guys I'm William from NYC. Hoping to get into the Alpha or Beta and to find players to play with on a daily basis if there's a sort of "duo" queue. It's always more fun to play with others =P

29th Sep 2013, 23:53
Hello, I'm Matt Tetska. I'm a small time Let's Player and a graphic design/ animation student. I've been a die hard LoK fan since I picked up the Dreamcast version of Soul Reaver new last April, and am so excited for the series to be making a return. I really hope to get in to the beta test, and I'm going to be doing a Let's Play of Soul Reaver on my YouTube channel because of the Nosgoth announcement

3rd Oct 2013, 16:53
ciao i'm giovanni and i really want to play this game i am a big fan of LoK series so good to se another one now hope more games will launch :D

6th Oct 2013, 17:23
Hi, my name is Felix, I'm from Germany and currently trying to get a Masterdegeree in biology. I have played all LoK games starting with Blood Omen 2 and than working both forward and backwards at the same time which sometimes leads to some confusion regarding the timelines in the game for me^^
Aside from the LoK games I greatly enjoyed Bloodrayne 1&2 and Vampires the masquerade: Bloodlines as well as some other games without any vampires!

11th Oct 2013, 21:30
Hello Everyone! I'm Robyn (Just to clarify, of the female variety in case the name confuses anyone)!

I was so happy when I found out about Nosgoth, because my first thought was, "Thank God I can finally talk to people about my love of Raziel, and someone might understand!" Ever since Soul Reaver came out, I have been hooked. The majority of my life has practically revolved around the little blue fella. From my tattoo, to my Soul Reaver shelves, to my bride's maid's blue dresses. No joking. Unfortunately the man drew the line at having one of my figurines on top of the cake... But it was close!

I know that this is going to be a whole new ball game in regards to game play, and characters, but it makes my little heart happy to think that it isn't quite finished yet. So Happy 8D

15th Oct 2013, 13:02
I am OneViolence, or Andreas as i am known IRL, im from Denmark and i have a butt.

16th Nov 2013, 14:06
Hello everyone!

I am CannyGamer and i found this game on steam coming soon, i checked the video and after that all the infos about the game, It seemed pretty fun and smthng new and different to play so i decided to play it when it comes oput. Im here to help as a beta tester in any way that i can. i also have Youtube channel playing every game that i enjoy with friends or alone. Hope to meet you all soon in game!

10th Jan 2014, 06:07
Hello, I am Balam and I am from México and am here for the glory of Nosgoth, vae victis!!!

13th Jan 2014, 16:22
Nice to meet you, I'm Jon from England.