View Full Version : Strange Problem

29th Jun 2006, 13:56
I have a modded and patched install.The V1.1 appears on the splash screen .Yet I can NOT turn off the narrator by pressing Ctrl & V or more importantly speed up or slow down the gameplay by using Ctrl & + or -.Any ideas.Ive tried reapplying the patch but it says its already there....And I dont want to reinstall as all that modding the unit stats is so time consuming ...

29th Jun 2006, 14:37
Is Data1.pak in the game directory? If it is extract Game\LuaScripts\Secuencias\SecuensiaCreditos.lua from the .pak file. Otherwise grab the .pak file from here (http://www.tafn.info/phpscripts/filesdb/download.php?file=10).

Also, cheats do not work with saved games! You must start a new game!

2nd Jul 2006, 19:08
...fixed this by manually extracting the patch again .Auto installer wouldnt work...modded unit stats not effected...