View Full Version : Thoughts on IG 29/06/06...

29th Jun 2006, 13:54
Well theres clearly not going to be an IG2 unless someone pulls a really big surprise....Shame!
Was Cossacks, (The closest equivalent) the original game ,similar in "hype" or was a sequel(s!) always in doubt for that too (until it happened!)
For all its terrible flaws like the unavoidable melees IG remains in my opinion the best RTS .Of course Im probably strange in that I only play tactical battles and have no interest in sowing grain or building factories.... !
But I have discovered today yet another strange limiting anomaly of the gameplay.....Say you have 3 battallions of rifle men and a battallion of cavalry .Your opponents are 3 or 4 battallions of infantry...The cavalry get stuck into one enemy infantry group.You would like to think that you have (at least at this stage!!!) full control of your rifleman but no ....they will only shoot at the cavalrys direct opponents.....strange indeed....