View Full Version : Help I'm stuck - at VERY begining

28th Jun 2006, 23:47
I'm so lame... I've played Tomb Radier once when it came out with 3DFX Voodoo cards. Haven't played it since. Until today. I bought it after reading good reviews of the game and now I'm trying to get familiar with the controls.

So I started a new game... It showed a little girl and her mom crashing in a plane. Then Lara climbing up a mountain cliff. I've found some shiney things and learned how to pick them up. And I've swam to the other-side of a waterfall (short swim, and yes, my PDA was ok!) Then I climed up a cliff and pushed a bolder off and climbed up a few vines. Then swung on another vine. I got to the point where I walked through 2 caves near the top of the waterfall. (depends on my landing when I was swinging on the vine) On one side of the cave, you jump over to another cliff, after you fall off, they teach you that Lara needs to press "E" to hang on with both hands. (Thanks for the late tips Eidos!) So I went back to the cliff, and Lara kind of looked up to the top of the mountain. I assume I'm supposed to go to the top, but I don't see where/how. I need some direction! Please help!

29th Jun 2006, 00:05
Jump at the hole and Lara will grab it.

29th Jun 2006, 01:47
Jump at the hole and Lara will grab it.

Lara grabing the hole? There's a joke in that somewhere...

I didn't realize she was looking right at an edge that she wanted to hand walk the long way around. I got to a point near the top of the waterfall and had to jump backwards like you said. Whew! Lots of buttons to memorize!