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26th Jun 2006, 19:31
I have wasted a lot of time on this problem so thought I would see if any one out there could help, I have been through much stuff on the forum regarding pushables but it mostly seems to be about opening one door only anyway this is my problem.
In one room I have 2 different pushables, 2 heavy triggers and 2 doors. I need each pushable to go onto its own trigger to open the specific door.
I can get one push.. to open both doors or just its own door but cant make the 2nd push... to open its door,
I realize its to do with the various object codes but have spent too many hours frustrated over this.

26th Jun 2006, 22:14
This is a tutorial to open a door by using 5 pushables , I assume its the same priciple to just use 2 pushables, it involves using the object code bits


26th Jun 2006, 22:33
GokuZ cheeers for the advice I have read that tutorial it involves putting 5 pushables on to a certain trigger to open 1 door.
I need to open 1 door with 1 pushable and another door with a seperate pushable at different times in the same room the problem is that at present 1 of the pushables can open both doors which is what I am trying to avoid.
Hope that makes sense.
I.e push blue object onto blue trigger = open door..go into door drag red object into room (with blue trigger).. push onto red trigger = open 2nd door...continue onwards. (blue object on red trigger = nothing happens and vice versa)
have spent about 7 hours trying to figure out ocb settings which is why I think I cant see the simplicity of the solution anymore....

27th Jun 2006, 06:21
If one pushable is opening both doors, then a trigger for both doors must be on the trigger tile. Delete the unwanted trigger and the door won't open :)

Heavy trigger for door - pushable opens door.

Heavy trigger for 2nd door - 2nd pushable opens 2nd door.

27th Jun 2006, 08:14
Sorry I dont think I made myself clear, I would post a screenshot but dont seen to be able to so guess i will try words again....
there is two doors and 2 pushableobjects in one room.....
there is also two heavy triggers on seperate floor tiles.....
I need to set up the puzzle so object A goes on trigger A and opens door A
object B goes on trigger B and opens door B
I dont want object A when it goes on trigger B to open door B
Sorry I know it is a bit vague.......

27th Jun 2006, 20:11
EssGee might have an answer to this. If you know EssGee, send him an email.

30th Jun 2006, 09:49
Thnks George I will try that avenue. It is just a little frustrating as I have checked all triggers etc and all are seperate. It still remains the same one pushable can open both doors by sitting on there respective triggers and I need to push one across a trigger without it being affected.
Still I really appreciate you all trying and find this forum a great help in level building..as for now i need to find the thread on splitting a level as I have got a little over ambitious on what I hope to be my first release..

30th Jun 2006, 18:11
*I nicked this from a private thread at Skribbz, so hopefully you'll be able to figure it out now. Essgee had 3 pushables and 3 heavy triggers that all opened one door, so this will need experimenting with*

These are all Pushable Object 2 (but would work in any pushie slot)

Pushblock ... / Heavyswitch for door ... / OCB Pushable

PO2 (i).................../bitcode 1 ................../Button 1, OCB 1
PO2 (ii).................../bitcode 2 ................./Button 2, OCB 2
PO2 (iii)................../bitcode 3,4,5............./Button 3,4,5 OCB 3

1st Jul 2006, 13:18
many thanks I will set up a test room and play around with the figures and see where we go from there. I notice though that it still is for one door. but hey we never learn anything without taking a few risks and experimenting. If I get it to work I will share the outcome.....

1st Jul 2006, 15:57
Hey what about a trigger triiggerer? You could put place a trigger triggerer on the trigger for door B and put the trigger for the TT inside door A, effectively freezing the trigger until after door A is opened.


1st Jul 2006, 16:19
I WISH....It is a good idea but the puzzle I have set up (trying to set up) involves 2 pushables being moved around in such a way that they pass over each others triggers. it is the second pushable going over the first trigger that is causing the problems ...Thinking about it I could use a flip map with 1 trigger in each room but I believe you can only flip a room once......
I am sure the answer to my problem lies on the ocb settings and buttons I just need to find the right solution. I suppose another way is to set up one PO with buttons 123 pressed the 2nd PO with 12 then in a seperate room have two triggers already activated with the remaing buttons (hey it might work)....I will keep testing..... WATCH THIS SPACE

3rd Jul 2006, 21:12
I'm not sure if you are still interested in this puzzle, but here is a way to make it with no flipmaps (just OCB settings).

First, we will make the OCB settings for the two doors and two pushable objects and then we'll add the triggers.

Here is an image, so that you will see what I call DoorA, PushableA etc...

DoorA opens when PushableA is positioned on Trigger sqare A. If you push it on the Trigger square B, nothing will happen.

DoorB opens when PushableB is positioned on Trigger square B. If you push it on the Trigger square A, nothing will happen.


OCB Settings (pressing the O button)

PushableA = Press the button 1 and write 1 in the timer field (the white box)
PushableB = Press the button 2 and write 2 in the timer field.
DoorA = Press the buttons 2, 3, 4, 5
DoorB = Press the buttons 1, 3, 4, 5



Select PushableA and set a Heavyswitch trigger on Trigger square A. (Yes, you apply a Heavyswitch trigger for the pushable). Before closing the trigger box, make number 1 pushed (black). All others must be off (gray). Select DoorA and set a normal trigger on the same square (Trigger square A).

Select PushableB and set a Heavyswitch trigger on Trigger square B. Before closing the trigger box, make number 2 pushed. All others must be off. Select DoorB and set a normal trigger on the same square.


Maybe it works the other way around, by putting Heavyswitch triggers for the doors. I haven't tried it, but you can play around and check.

4th Jul 2006, 17:57
Hiya Elen, may I add that to our tutorials at Skribbz? It's rather good!


4th Jul 2006, 19:00
Sure, no problem. Make sure you include the note at the end ("Maybe it works the other way around..."), in case somone tries it and makes an addition.

Can you add this at the end?

This can be expanded with more doors and pushable objects. Each door opens from its "own" pushable object, as long as you set up the OCB's. For example, if you have a third door and a third pushable object, the OCB's will be:

PushableC = press the 3 button and write 3 in the Timer field.
DoorC = press 1, 2, 4, 5

Set a Heavyswitch for PushableC and press the 3 button in the trigger box. All others must be off. Then set a normal trigger for DoorC on the same square.

... and so on with the 4th and 5th pushable objects and doors.

4th Jul 2006, 20:45
This is is the Tips thread.

I think you forgot one thing. You also put 1 in Door A OCB, and 2 in Door B OCB, to match the pushables. This is how they match up and only work for one specific object.

5th Jul 2006, 14:40
No, I didn't need these numbers. This thing works for me exactly like I posted it. I just tested these numbers and saw no difference.

6th Jul 2006, 08:38
Thats really great, I was geating so worked up over it looking for a simple solution. I looked to far into it with flipmaps, multiple triggers, unattached rooms and was getting nowhere fast. Really many thanks to you and everyone out there for perservering with this one. It really makes this forum one of the best when you know people are intrested in what you are trying to achieve.