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25th Sep 2013, 23:14
Well I might as well start this one. As a huge fan of Mage classes in RPGs, I'm anxious to see how magic will be utilized for classes in this game.

My first real want for this game (if my username wasn't a give away), is I would love to see a necromancer in this game. Being it plays such a large part in Nosgoth (Kain the vampire was birthed from the Necromancer Mortanius after all), I think either side could make use of these skills.

Without going into too much detail, here are some things I would like to see such a class have

Debuffs: Skills that lower the abilities of your opponents such as lowering armor, attack, movement or recovery
Damage over Time spells (DoTs): Things like Poison or necrotic energies that wither your opponents health away
Pets: Undead minions to follow you and help fight or serve you tactically like decoys and scouts.

Now this of course is just a small example off the top of my head of what I'd like to see but magic goes farther than that in Nosgoth. What's something you guys want to see in a magic user class?

25th Sep 2013, 23:36
A necromancer would be AWESOME. Think of how cool it would be to like...summon skeletons, or...or...like, maybe even the bodies of dead Hylden. :eek:

25th Sep 2013, 23:37
I thought an Energist (as in DeJoule from Blood Omen 1) might be cool. It would use a lightning bolt attack for long distance and could create energy barriers around itself and allies. It could also channel glyph energy using hylden relics.

I also like the idea of an enemy that could use the Pentalich of Tarot and other such mystical items. Not spells, just items like the implode item and font of putresence. Maybe it could be called Seer or Oracle or Gypsy or something.

26th Sep 2013, 00:31
Also hoping for some Magic casting Class =D

26th Sep 2013, 00:45
There is plenty of room for expansion. I've beta tested a decent list of F2P games and they usually start pumping out stuff once the initial wave of game killer bugs gets squashed.

26th Sep 2013, 01:01
Stability, performance> new stuff.

Do not let this game be as bad as Planetside2 where they pump out new stuff to keep the playerbase from leaving, when it actually is the buggs and bad performance that makes the players leave.

26th Sep 2013, 01:12
Well, there is definitely room for them.

Perhaps built on the Sarafan / Vampire Hunter Sorcerers of the past?

26th Sep 2013, 01:16
Well, there is definitely room for them.

Perhaps built on the Sarafan / Vampire Hunter Sorcerers of the past?

Could be I really hope so =D

26th Sep 2013, 03:14
I think Disciples of Dejoule would be great for the human side of things. Even rolls off the tongue. Plus I would actually like to see some old items return like Flay and Font of Putrescence. And I actually just remembered a Druid is feasible too given Bane and the pillar of Nature.

26th Sep 2013, 04:59
Plus I would actually like to see some old items return like Flay and Font of Putrescence.
I've been wanting to see a come back of those abilities for years, there were so many to choose from, but a lot of them were instant kills too.

26th Sep 2013, 10:55
@LordMortanius - Yes…would love to see the old BO abilities – umm they would look so yummy in today’s graphics! :D

26th Sep 2013, 18:51
The nice thing about a live game like this is we can look at adding things like Sarafan Sorcerers if there's a big demand from you guys.

George will detail our classes on the blog in the coming weeks, so I can't spoil too much, but our initial classes focus more on physical and alchemical damage than traditional LoK magic.

That said, it would be pretty cool if the next human class had some freaky dark magic powers :whistle:

27th Sep 2013, 00:18
Sounds awesome to me.

I cast my vote Human Sarafn sorcer's using holy elemental powers or Dejoule's energy themed powers.

And necromancers for the Vampire alignment.

27th Sep 2013, 00:25
I think a character like the cut Priestess from SR1 could fit into 'magic user class' for humans. I imagine you could come up with a couple of interesting abilities based on her like disorientating enemies, randomising their control output or making them see allies as enemies etc.