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26th Jun 2006, 08:36
I have installed Thief Gold and saw to copy all the dromed.zip files into my thief gold directory. My question is do I also unzip the schema.zip file that is in the dromed zip file? What is this file for?

26th Jun 2006, 09:58
No. The schema.zip may be required if you plan to use custom schemas, but if not, you don't need to do anything with that.

The file contains lots of text files that make up all the sounds in the game. These can be edited to include your own custom schema(s), later on.

27th Jun 2006, 06:28
Thx for info sluggs, any tuts on how to edit sounds that are useful.

28th Jun 2006, 17:58
1st off...welcome aboard. If you want start fooling with dromed www.ttlg.com is really the place to be. The dromed and thief fora there get about 100 times more traffic. Don't get me wrong this is a great place...just not so busy. Check the link below for an ongoing list of dromed resources.


28th Jun 2006, 23:00
In any case, I believe the schemas provided on the Thief Gold CD aren't complete. You'll want to check Dromed Central for the most recent (well, recent-er) schemas. (I'm not actually sure because I don't have Thief Gold myself)

Believe me, though, you'll want to create custom schemas. Not right away, of course, but eventually.

And since you're a beginner, I don't feel silly saying that schemas are how Dromed finds WAV files. They're a collection of text files (open them in Notepad, ignore what Windows thinks the file type is) that describes what sounds can be played in the game, and how to play them. You put the schema files in a sub-directory called "schemas".

29th Jun 2006, 02:31
Thx for more info, just what I needed. The TTLG forums were down about 3 days ago that's why I didn't post there. It's been awhile since I've played this game and almost thought that those forums were closed since I was getting site not found.

I'm glad this game has survived. I'm pretty nostalgic when it comes to gaming and like to go back to the games that did alot of things right and brought us new ideas. I still play Unreal I just to help me out because I program and these games are still fun and hold keys to what made them successful and what can make a game today just as fun.