View Full Version : Auldale problem

25th Jun 2006, 22:15
I have had no problems playing the game until I have to go to Auldale to search for the hag. The level loads then goes black and the game closes. Can someone please help.

Ms Chubby
31st Aug 2006, 18:21
I'm an XBOXer, but judging by all the previous threads regarding this matter, the same problem occurs with the PC version as well. No matter what platform you're playing, if the game crashes whilst entering a new city area or a new mission this is what you do: go back to your last save (old save) and play until just before the crash area; save again (new save); carry on playing and as the screen is loading, just before it crashes, keep tapping the button that allows you to enter the save screen; when the save screen comes up save the game in a new slot (after crash save); hit the button to return to the game. At this point the game will crash. On a PC, restart the game, on an XBOX, restart the XBOX, and for both platforms load the "after crash save" and you will be in the new area/mission just after the crash. If it keeps crashing before you can make the "after crash save", you were just a little too slow in entering the save screen; try again. This solution always works.