View Full Version : Need help with loading speeds....

25th Jun 2006, 20:06
Sry for posting my tec issue here, but for some reason i couldnt post it in the tecnical discussion...

Hi, iwe resently looked over my games and noticed that i had this game and for some reason handnt even istalled it. So i tought i give it a try, after the instalation that went well i tried runnig the game.
When i clicked on the shortcut it took the game about 10 min to just start and then it took aprox 25 min befor the intro started (by the intro i mean the logos for the producers) and after that it stopped again prosumigly loading the real game intro. By now i was :mad2: so i turned the game off.

I have tried running it on one prosessor because i have a processor wih is dual. Because the game is made for runing on a single prosessor but that wasnt the prob.

My comp:
-Intel Pent 4 3.2GHz (2 Cpu:s)
-2048MB RAM
-DirectX 9.0c
-Radeon X800 Pro/Gto, 256.0 MB

Very gratful for any sort of support!
I REALLY want to play .... ahhh :nut: