View Full Version : Langauge Problems - Help Please

25th Jun 2006, 17:06
I recently purchased Hitman Contracts from a local shop, when I found it wasn't the English version. I inserted the disc and it immeadiately came up with what I think's Italian. I installed anyway thinking I could change the language later at perhaps the start screen but..... I can't.

Is there anyway I can download some sort of patch of language file? I can't get a refund as I've lost the receipt and really wanna try the Hitman series before spending money on the new one. Thanks and if anyone could help i'd be most greatful

4th Nov 2006, 22:48
You could replace the language file in the main hitman directory folder with someone who has the english language file. the english language file is pc_eng.str I'm guessing an italian or ect would look like this pc_Int.str or pc_fre.str The only problem with this is the single language file is 1.8 gigabytes in size. Also if you do manage to find someone who can send you the english file you'll have to rename it to whatever your current language file name is so the games executable won't get confused.

good luck, I'm still can't get my copy to even start.


3rd Dec 2006, 18:47
So, has anyone fixed this? I just got the same problem. And could you tell me exactly where pc_eng.str, or pc_int.str was? Thanks