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22nd Jun 2006, 16:13
Hi, I just started playing IG this week and played through my first campaign (the limited turns variation, not complete victory).

One thing confused me enough that I spent a couple of hours browsing every thread in this forum but couldn't find an answer.

Here's the situation. I played as France and during the game I lost provinces by agreeing to a Peace request whilst enemy troops were in them. They were automatically annexed when I said yes to Peace.

However I can't seem to win territory the same way the computer-player does. When the tables are turned and I have occupied enemy territory, and then agreed to Peace overtures, the enemy provinces I have troops in do not become mine. E.g. I had troops in a Spanish province and agreed peace, but the province remained a Spanish possession. I took back Champagne from Prussia and declared Peace, but it remained Prussian, and I dislodged Great Britain from my northwest port (Brest? Brittany?) and declared Peace but it remained British. The only territories I managed to take over fully were ones where I took the enemy capital and subjugated them.

Basically, how do I kick Britain and Prussia off French soverign soil?

Am I doing something wrong, or do the computer-played countries live by more favourable rules than players do?

24th Jun 2006, 18:37
If you want to "kick Britain and Prussia off French soverign soil" you have to attack them at these locations... But you must stay in these provinces for several turns after a successful attack to see them become again french provinces. Don't sign for a peace treaty before your annexation of wanted provinces is complete !
And for the enemy annexation of your provinces with a peace treaty it's probably because they were in there the number of turns needed for the annexation to succeed.
And yes, computer AI has more favourable rules than player and this is good cause AI strategy and tactics are pretty bad... (at least with normal difficulty setting ; but I am sure AI isn't better with hard difficulty, it's just the rules which are even less favourable for player, that's all).

18th Jul 2006, 14:41
That's wierd - I attacked Hannover (I'm France) and took it from Britain, the next turn they offered a truce which I accepted, and Hannover was mine...

6th Aug 2006, 23:27
Ok Polixenes, I had the same problem. I was russia, and I took Lumbrugy and Great Britian invaded it, So i went to peace with them and I took the other territory of that country, so when I went to peace, it showed I am holding it. So I didn't take that part of the country, I didn't get. Really, I have no revoultion to that problem. Sry.