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20th Jun 2006, 05:28
I need some help I am pretty sure there is a shortcut in Kazakstan.

But I can't find the stupid thing, please help!

20th Jun 2006, 05:41
Shortcut where? I don't think there is - or at least I've never heard of one.

Why do you need a shortcut though?

20th Jun 2006, 05:51
Helps with time trials

If there isn't one in Kazakstan

I am pretty sure there is one in Ghana... :scratch:

20th Jun 2006, 06:10
The time trial for that level isn't too bad, except for the motorcycle part. The trick is to get through the bike sequence quick. You have to kill all the other bikers as quickly as possible (you cannot proceed to the "side passages" until all of them are dead).

Other than that, you don't always need to clear the rooms of all enemies. I generally only do so if I need to solve puzzles or "do something slow" like climbing in there. For example, the room where you have to charge and drag the telsa coil thing is a good place to clear all the guys since that's a lot of grapple work and being shot at during that is not fun. :D Another example, I went ahead and cleared the first turrent area (crawling with mercs) but after getting on the Barracks roof, I only killed the guy across the way, then nothing else - just make a b-line for the First Aid Hut, then exit and run to the gate controls. Open, run up the right side of the hill - avoiding the exploding barrels - and run into that building. Congrats - you just skipped all the guys :D. The next part involves a zipline, so no enemies there, and then you'll need to kill I believe TWO guys before the train will depart (it triggers after killing one of the mercs). Just run to the bike (ignore any remaining guys), and hopefully make it through this part pretty quick.

Really once you get to the factory it's not too bad. Just don't die a lot and you should be fine. It helps to actually play through the level once just before trying time trial so you remember the path well. The "worst" part of this level (or this part of the level) is just getting lost or not knowing what to do next. If you are fine in that department you shouldn't have too many problems. Well that, and the "stupid deaths" (well at least they make me feel stupid when I do them :D) to stuff like the poison gas and electricity which require precise jumping. Try to avoid dying there as much as possible.

But yeah, I honestly can't think of any shortcuts. I mean, the closest to a shortcut I can think of is being able to skip past a lot of the guys by just running (basically any time you can go in a door you will be cool skipping guys).

The hardest part is definately the motorcycle section, as you could really spend a long time here if you don't kill the guys fast or die a lot. Best I can suggest is to make sure you get behind them (I guess if you are outrunning them, slow down just a tad) and shoot like crazy. They die better when you are closer obviously. And of course, don't die too much :) I died a few times, but it helps if you keep those close to the checkpoints so you don't waste time (i.e. don't kill say, 90% of the guys before a side road section triggers, then die and have to do that all over again :D Dying on the actual side roads though is not so bad, as those sections start and end with checkpoints and are short).

20th Jun 2006, 06:16
If you do the timetrail and want to finish fast, remember this:
When you finish the bike riding part you have to get past the train and into the building just keep going, until you are at the part where you see amanda again, when she is finished talking you have to power up the gun,

you don't have to finish the hole part. If you turn around, there is alot of big metal crates/ boxes, move one of them to the corner, left of the gun. You would be right infront of the hanging platform. Climb up on the crate and when you jump you would be able to get hold of the platform climb up and go on with the game.

I finished the game 100% and when I did the Kazakstan timetrail I used that shortcut, but the first time I jumped I fel of so you have to jump far(reach out).

Hope I was of some help!!!:)

20th Jun 2006, 07:24
Thanx Everybody.