View Full Version : BO1 Boulder help

19th Jun 2006, 22:11
After playing through BO1 recently I've come across a massive obsticle, after completing dark eden, and continuing my journy through the tunnel to the east of Dark eden I came across 2 massive boulders blocking my path :mad2:
Basicially I don't know how to move them :rolleyes: so could anyone give me hints on how to get stronger so i can move these boulders?:confused:

19th Jun 2006, 23:05
Make sure you drank from all the strengthning pools.
Otherwise, it could be you're not yet supposed to move it, and go elsewhere. I can't remember sorry.

The DarkOne
26th Jun 2006, 14:43
Depending on what you're saying you're probably next to the lightning spell area, by that time you should be able to move the big brown boulders but not the big grey ones.

30th Jul 2006, 07:00
oh crap.

i missed some of the strengthening pools...like all of them URG
im in those ice caves where you meet mobius/oracle for the first time and i cant move the two little grey boulders out of the way to get out and the door is locked behind me. am i fauked and have to start over?

1st Aug 2006, 11:54
I think that, unfortunately, you'll have to start the game again. But try to use the sanctuary spell to return to your crypt, though I don't rememeber if it can be used inside a cave...
The first Strenght Fountain is in Nachtholm, in a cliff at right. That's the one you need to move small gray boulders.
The second is in Termogent Forest at the bottom left. It allows to move big brown boulders.
The third is before Willendorf, near the gypsy campsite I think. With this you can move big gray boulders.
The other Blood Fountains aren't neccesary to complete the game.